Dear Parents,

Welcome to Gan Israel Day Camp - Portland, part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish camps in the world. Gan Israel camps enjoy a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities being introduced continuously. Children who span the entire spectrum of the Portland Jewish community await Gan Israel’s return all year long!

Gan Israel Day Camp is much more than a break from the school routine and winter activities. It is an experience in which children learn the importance of caring, sharing, tolerance, patience and working with others. Our program is designed to provide your child with the experience of a lifetime and to bring out the best in each child’s character and personality in a warm and spirited atmosphere.

Come join the Gan Israel family and see for yourself what it’s all about!


Chayim & Simi Mishulovin
Camp Directors

Mission Statement

Gan Israel Day Camp is a summer camp dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating Jewish camping experience.


Jewish Experience
Gan Israel campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and a love for the land of Israel. Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities, stories, songs, games and contests, which are part of the unique Gan Israel experience. Combined with group discussions and educational programs, these events bring to life the beauty and values of our tradition.

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